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From drafting wills and trusts, to administering New York estates, applying for Community Medicaid and Institutional, or Nursing Home, Medicaid, I provide the professional representation that my clients need. Probate, estate tax and Medicaid laws are constantly changing. As your attorney, it is my responsibility to make available the most current planning strategies to meet your needs.
Rohit Phansalkar is a member of the Audit and Nomination committees and is the chair of the Remuneration committee. He was the co-head of the Energy Finance Group at Shearson American Express, Managing Director of Bear Stearns and Managing Director at Oppenheimer & Co. He was also the Founding Chairman of The India Fund.
The loan will be used as long-term project finance debt in building 150MW of wind power, which is now fully financed and expected to be on stream in the next 12 months, ahead of the country`s 2016 wind season.
Canadian International School (CIS) offers world-class education from Kindergarten to Grade 12, nurturing students into well-rounded individuals who possess highly developed physical, social and intellectual skills. We offer three internationally recognised curricula, have students from over 40 nationalities, and have foreign-trained and experienced teachers. Our method of instruction is student-centric, with teachers providing an atmosphere conducive to active learning. CIS Bangalore is the 1st IB DP school in Bangalore, 1st 1:1 iPad school in South India, 1st school in India to operate 100% on solar power and recently, we became the 1st Apple Distinguished School in India – accredited by Apple Inc for innovation and integration of technology in education.
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